Commitment From Manager

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Bindhavasini Saving & Credit  Cooperative Society Ltd (BISCOL) is the member, group and community based financial Co-operative institution which supports the members for socioeconomic upliftment with international cooperative principles and values and committed to design the products & services according members’ need and willingness and providing financial and non financial services through six Banking Offices, four service centers and 900 MF groups in the remote area.
As the responsibility of Chief Manager, I committed to all members, Board of Directors & my colleague management team to lead the institution implementing of legislation of country, international principles and values of co-operatives to frame good governance that results self motivation and high productivity of staffs so that members can get excellent, competitive and 1st choice financial and non financial services that replicates excellent, sustainable, safe and sound financial institution of the community.

      As the Chief Manager, I ensure to play leading role to develop the ownership feelings of members, for activeness of Sub committees, effective decisions of the BOD and implementing them through management team with innovated, self motivated & fully responsible way.

     We are committed to provide unbiased, transparent, unique and the 1st  choices of financial  and non financial services to the members  even though, it is challenging for extending outreach to the networks, updating international best practices, replicating them in practical field.

       Now management team is able to overcome all the challenges to provide excellent, safe and sound financial services to the members.
Now I am here proud to management team that committed for result oriented to achieve institutional vision, mission and broader goals.
I would like to thank all of our members, Board of Directors, Account Supervisory committee, Sub Committees, ACCU, NESFSCUN, Central Bank, Co-operative Department of Nepal,  Division Cooperative office Kavre for their continued support and cooperation and management team for their innovated, self motivated, excitement in their duties and cooperation.


K.B Lama Syangtan

Chief Manager